How are Contributing Artists paid for their work on BGE2? What is the payment process? | hitrecord

How are Contributing Artists paid for their work on BGE2? What is the payment process?

When HITRECORD delivers the finished music and visual assets to Ubisoft Montpellier, the HITRECORD team will review all the final pieces by hand and account for every single contribution and artist involved.

HITRECORD will make an initial assessment of how much each artist should get for the part they played in making that song, or poster etc. This assessment will be posted publicly on the site, in what we call a ‘Profit Proposal’.

If you’re included in the Profit Proposal, you’ll be emailed and notified on the site.

 However, the Profit Proposal is not the end of the process. After our proposals are posted publicly, there will be a two week window for the community to provide feedback on every Profit Proposal. Maybe someone thinks they were left out, or someone thinks they’re making too much, or too little— anyone can post a comment that everyone else can see, and respond to.

 The HITRECORD Community Team, led by @MattConley and @JenGerdano, reviews and addresses every single concern raised. It’s an open dialogue, and it’s important to HITRECORD and Ubisoft that everyone has a chance to be a part of it. Based on this discussion, we may make changes or adjustments, and of course we’ll let you guys know what we’re doing.

After the two weeks are up, HITRECORD will make all final decisions and the Final Profits will be posted.

 Money is then paid out digitally through our payment facilitator, Hyperwallet. Everyone who is included in the Final Profits will be e-mailed and notified on the site, with instructions on how to collect their money through Hyperwallet.

 This is the process we’ve used to decide community profits on every HITRECORD production for the past 8 years. The most important thing to remember is that the process is open, transparent, public, and everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback along the way.

 We anticipate the first round of Profit Proposals for the Beyond Good and Evil 2 partnership will go up in January of 2019.

For more info on how community payments work, check out this video: