Will the community be able to remix the final song that is made with Logic? What about its community resources? | hitrecord

Will the community be able to remix the final song that is made with Logic? What about its community resources?

Any contributions to the HITRECORD x LOGIC project that are not used in the final song will be available for remix by the community as usual.

Contributions to the final song, including the song itself, can be remixed on HITRECORD like any other record — the final song or any of its resources can be downloaded, remixed, and re-uploaded to the site. However, neither the final song nor any of the resources used in the final song can be used off site in any way — either by the original artist or by any another community member.

Typically when you contribute to HITRECORD, you are granting HITRECORD and the community a nonexclusive right to use your contribution — meaning you have the right to use your individual records in any way off site that you would like (for example, you can sell a photograph you took, publish a poem you wrote, or license video footage you recorded).

Because the final song we are making with Logic has the potential for wide commercial music distribution, there are third party requirements — one of which is that we must obtain exclusive rights to any portion of the composition or performance. So, for the first time in the history of HITRECORD, we will request the perpetual exclusive rights from any community member whose contribution we think may be included in the final song. We will request those exclusive rights so that the song can be commercially distributed, and that HITRECORD members can benefit financially. We will request this exclusivity via a second separate agreement with any community member whose contribution might be used in the final song. That signed second agreement will be optional and voluntary and it is your right not to agree to provide exclusive rights to your contribution. We say “second agreement” because the first agreement is the Terms of Service you agreed to upon creating or renewing your contributor account. Of course, even if you agree to give us the exclusive rights via that second signed agreement, we will only obtain them if we actually use your contribution (the rights would revert back to you in the case that your contribution is ultimately not used in the final song).

To be completely clear, at the time you contribute a record to this collaboration with Logic, you are granting only non-exclusive rights as normal. You will only be approached to grant exclusive rights if and when your contribution is considered for the final song. Of course at that time you may choose not to grant those exclusive rights, which will mean that unfortunately your contribution will not be used in the final song.

If you have any reservations about the prospect of us requesting exclusive rights, please email us at support@hitrecord.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We strongly recommend that you do not contribute to this collaboration until you feel absolutely comfortable.

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